Change Log


– Fixed orange trees not being able to grow on orange grass.

– Changed the drop rates of items from fruit trees.

– Fixed fruit mobs not dropping items on death.

– Fixed an issue where leaves would render using fast graphics when using fancy settings.

– Fixed fruit swords not having the correct strength against certain blocks (webs etc…).

– Fixed webs not dropping anything when destroyed by fruit swords.

– Fixed an issue with fruit swords not acting like vanilla swords ¬†when in creative mode (like being able to break blocks when they shouldn’t).



– Added a classy new mob variant.

– Fixed some texture and naming issues with the blueberry bush.



– Fixed a bug that made the game crash when trying to craft lemon bricks.

– Changed the drop rate of the lemon when breaking lemon leaves.

– Changed the amount of hunger the lemon fills.


– Fixed a problem with all of the tools not breaking certain blocks properly.


– Updated to work with Minecraft 1.7.10

– Fixed a problem with trees not generating in the fruit dimension.

– Fixed a problem with the fruit portal not breaking properly.


– Fixed the stats of the fruit weapons and tools.
– Fixed tool tips not showing up on the fruit weapons and tools.
– Fixed a naming issue on a few of the items.


– Now compatible with Minecraft 1.7.2!

– Lemon Cows now spawn in the fruit dimension.


– Added tool tips to all of the weapons and tools (can be disabled in config file).
– Buffed the lemon lime weapons and tools.
– Fixed the blueberry and lime swords not having the correct stats.


– Fixed the Giant Flying Lemon’s hitbox.
– Fixed a crash related to right clicking the Tiny Lemon.


– Added the lemon lime tools.


– Fixed a performance issue with the blueberry bush.


This should be the last bugfix before 1.1.0 is released.
– Fixed the lemonade texture not displaying.


– Fixed a small bug with the blueberry grass texture.
– Fixed a bug with the lime and orange tools being able to harvest things they shouldn’t be able to.
– Fixed the harvest level on the orange stone block.


– Added lime weapons and tools.
– Added orange weapons and tools
– Added blueberry weapons and tools
– Added the blueberry biome.
– Re-balanced all of the existing weapons and tools.
– Re-balanced all of the existing food.
– Fixed a few bugs.
– A lot of under the hood changes that you won’t really notice.



– Changed the amount of damage the Lime does.

– Fixed the Small Orange model.

– All of the different leaves will now function correctly with fancy graphics.


– Added the small orange.

– Changed the size of some shadows.

– Some small under the hood changes.


– Fixed not being able to create the fruit portal in the fruit dimension.

– Changed the names of some blocks. Because of this, when loading a world that you had before this update it may say there are some id mismatches, just ignore those and it should work.



First release.