Project Fruit 1.0.0 released! Here’s what you need to know.

Hello everyone, Project Fruit 1.0.0 was released last night and it came with quite a few changes. I’m only going to tell you about the changes to the weapons and tools for now. Everything else will be explained in more detail in the features section once it’s updated.


Let’s start with the blueberry weapons and tools. The blueberry weapons and tools are the most durable of all of them, being able to be used 3000 times before breaking. They have decent efficiency, but lack the ability to do as much damage as the others.


The lime weapons and tools are the most efficient of all of them, being able to do the most damage and mine stuff the fastest. They lack durability, only being able to be used 1256 times. They can also only harvest iron and under.


The lemon weapons and tools are all around decent. They can be used 1856 times, have decent efficiency and they can harvest diamond and below.


The lemon lime weapons and tools (the tools will be added soon) combine the lemon tools and lime tools. They can be used 1500 times and have pretty good efficiency. They can mine diamond and below.


The orange weapons and tools are very long lasting (2652 uses) and very efficient. They don’t do very much damage and can only mine the same stuff that wood tools can mine.


I think that’s about all there is. Remember to follow me on twitter for the latest updates.







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